GoodToBee Beeswax Wraps and Bags are eco-friendly reusable food keepers. So easy to use they keep food naturally fresher for longer without the need for plastic. Ideal instead of cling film, tin foil or plastic tubs. They are perfect for wrapping cheese, a crusty loaf, or any fruits and vegetables. With a quick wipe and cool water they are ready to reuse again and again.

Carefully hand crafted they stick to themselves and with the heat of your hands mould easily around bowls and plates. Thanks to the organic jojoba oil they are infused with, the seal creates the perfect anti-microbial environment for storing food in your lunch box or fridge.

Feel GoodToBee reducing your plastic, creating less food waste and giving our beautiful planet a helping hand.

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“These wraps are genius. So far I have used them for bread, cheese and leftovers and they really work well again and again. I love the pretty fabrics. And even better, they are great for reducing plastic use and I haven’t reached for cling film once since I got them. Can fully recommend them.”