Just as nature wraps food with a breathable skin or peel so GoodToBee wraps and bags do the same. Keeping food fresh and our planet beautiful too.

Together we can make tomorrow better than today

Carefully handmade to last at least a year, and usually a lot more, they mould and self seal easily, creating the perfect natural environment to keep food safe and fresh for longer. The certified and sustainable organic ingredients are naturally antibacterial so there are no chemicals to transfer to your food or the planet.

Durable and water resistant they wipe clean easily, just like a plate, ready to use and re-use again and again, and once wiped clean no smells or odour transfer to your food. Use them well then give them a second life as a fire taper or home compost them where they return to the earth leaving zero waste.


“Oh my word. The best ever. We’ve been using such wraps for over four years. First, a set from Australia. 2nd a set sold by a natural product supplier. Next from a high end grocery chain and finally a set from a health food shop. One set lost its wax, one set needed constant reviving and the other is still so stiff. GoodToBee are the best I’ve ever used.”

Elizabeth Grey-King – Instagram post

“These wraps are genius. So far I have used them for bread, cheese and leftovers and they really work well again and again. I love the pretty fabrics. And even better, they are great for reducing plastic use and I haven’t reached for cling film once since I got them. Can fully recommend them.”