How does beeswax fabric work?

The fabric is infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and powdered tree resin each giving its own unique quality to the wrap. The beeswax makes the fabric durable, water resistant and adds an anti-bacterial layer. With the heat of your hands the wax moulds easily to any shape and then firms up again almost instantly creating a perfect seal. The Jojoba oil adds a suppleness to the wax so it doesn’t crack and infuses the fabric with more anti-bacterial and also anti-microbial properties. The powdered tree resin creates the perfect cling so the finished wrap will stick to itself, glass, porcelain, wood and just about anything else but peals away effortlessly when needed.

How do I clean my wrap?

After use, a quick rinse with cool water and maybe a little washing up liquid is all they need. Hang to dry naturally over the dish rack and you’re ready to use them again and again.

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Where should I store them?

Fold them for storage in a draw or display these beauties rolled up in a jar or stacked in a basket on the worktop. Always make sure they are out of direct sunlight.

How long will they last?

Used daily and re-pasteurised every few months they should last about 8-12 months or even longer.

Re-pasteurised? – What does that mean?

After a few months of use they may begin to look a little tired. Simply lay them on a baking sheet and place them in a preheated medium oven for 2 minutes. Lift them out and carefully hold them up quickly to dry in seconds. They are now re-pasteurised, refreshed and looking good as new.

What do I do to dispose of them when I’m finished with them?

Our wraps are biodegradable meaning they will decompose naturally without leaving any chemicals or harmful residue behind. Simply toss them on the compost heap or scrunch them up and use them as a firelighter.

Anything I shouldn’t do with them?

Avoid heat and flame and they are not for use in the microwave. Do not use on raw meat or fish and make sure food and bowls are cold before wrapping.

Do you ship internationally?

Quite simply, yes.

Do you use any plastic packaging?

No. Our packaging is 100{b629222fbd903d8aa347b75781db78982a31742b5a91845e21d692306e8f52a1} recycled post-consumer waste and large deliveries are made using cardboard boxes and brown paper.

Do you have any information on allergies?

If you have a known allergy to honey or propolis then unfortunately beeswax wraps are maybe not for you. Jojoba oil and Pine Resin are both considered unlikely allergens for most people.

Anything else I need to know?

Our wraps are lovingly hand made so slight variations in size, colour and texture are part of their beauty! If you don’t completely love them we offer a full money back guarantee, in line with our terms and conditions.