How GoodToBee Came To Be!

My Story – Finding an alternative to plastic

It all began with the plastic challenge. An enjoyable but relatively undramatic experience that ended up changing my life. In the first week we – my family of 4 and our two cats- lived as normal, not avoiding or changing our habits in any way. In the second we did our best to remove all single use plastic from our lives. It was tough, but we did well, as our totals went from 117 in the first week – (average I found out for a family like ours) to just 18! in the second. When we started the plastic challenge I thought it would be impossible to reduce our plastic usage by very much. We were already taking our own bags to the supermarket and using reusable water bottles, what else could we be doing? However, as I sat there amidst our – all be it small – pile of environmentally toxic waste I decided enough was enough.

An internet search introduced me to beeswax wraps, a sustainable alternative to plastic. A natural way to keep food fresher for longer and with no toxic load to the planet. I was intrigued! I love fabric, I love bees even more and here was something I could make myself. My kitchen became my testing ground and then research, research, research to find the perfect recipe. Calling them beeswax wraps is a little misleading. You need a combination of wax, for durability, jojoba oil to make them antibacterial and supple and tree resin to create that perfect cling! Get the mix wrong and you can end up with cracking wax or a cling that a limpet would be proud of! Finding that sweet spot took time but eventually a GoodToBee wrap that performed perfectly everyday, day to day, came to be.

My thinking spot with Nigella, one of the GoodToBee cats, keeping me company

With GoodToBee I had the chance to create something from start to finish. Not just the wraps but a commitment to myself, and everyone else. Everything I now do and in every way I can, I will be as sustainable, ethical and low impact as I can be. Our fabric is  Global Organic Textile Standard. The beeswax is sourced from sustainable local hives just a few miles away, and we use only organic jojoba oil. Our packaging is 100{b629222fbd903d8aa347b75781db78982a31742b5a91845e21d692306e8f52a1} recycled post-consumer waste and my beautiful stamp is made from sustainably managed oak with a sapling being planted for each one the company makes. And we never use plastic in anything we do.

Eliminating plastic can be a daunting prospect but my hope is that family, friends and customers will feel able to make the swap to GoodToBee beeswax wraps and feel empowered that their efforts really are making a difference when so much is at stake.

Madeleine x

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