The key to using food wraps is the warmth of your hands. Hold them for a few seconds and you’ll feel them soften.

Scrunch into a ball and unwrap again to activate before first use. Now see and feel what a joy they are to use

Easy to use

with warm hands just wrap, tuck, smooth or squeeze to self-seal GoodToBee wraps around just about anything.

Easy to clean

 rinse with cool water and a little eco-friendly soap or wipe with a damp cloth. If it’s just crumbs, shake to clear and put away.

Strong enough

 to withstand busy family life for around a year then re-wax to keep them going strong for even longer.


They drip dry quickly over a  drying rack, or you can blot gently them dry with a soft absorbent cloth. 


Roll them up and display on your work top or tuck away flat in a drawer. Avoid heavy creases when folding and keep out of direct sunlight.


Allow them to biodegrade in your compost,  returning them to nature. Or rolled up they make a great fire taper for lighting BBQ’s and wood stoves.

Do’s and Don’ts

The fridge and freezer are fine but let them warm up slightly before using.

Always use cool water and a mild alcohol free soap to avoid the wax from pilling.

Not for use in the oven or microwave. Do not wash in a washing machine as the heat will melt the wax.

Do not use to cover raw meat or fish as cross contamination may occur when used again.

Keep away from heat and flame. Beeswax and Plant wax both melt around 60° and are highly flammable.

Don’t throw away too soon, they can be refreshed or re-waxed at home to keep them going strong.

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