Really good cheese is always sealed in wax as it creates the perfect environment to store it .

When wrapping cheese make sure the wraps is tight against the surface of the cheese for ultimate protection and no more dry or sweaty edges.

Wraps can used for all types of cheese and after a good wash the smell will not transfer to whatever you wrap next.

Bread and Pastries

Bread, cakes and pastries stay fresh as the day they were baked because of the unique anti-mircobial and anti-bacterial properties of the wax and oil. They inhibit mould growth but retain moisture so bread stays soft and fresh tasting for longer. 

If you want to keep a crunchy crust allow a little air gap between the wraps and the crust, but wrap soft and sliced bread nice and tight to keep it soft and springy. 

Herbs and Salad

Use our Sandwich and Snack bags for storing coriander, spinach, lettuce or cabbage and any other green vegetables.

Our breathable wraps keep everything crisp and juicy for days longer than storing them in plastic or glass.

Remember with herbs that basil goes black if kept too cold so place it one of our bags and keep in a cupboard instead.

Fruit and Root Vegetables

Fruit and veg has its own natural protection by way of its peel or skin but once this is removed or sliced away they quickly begin to lose moisture and dry out, so it’s important to wrap half a tomato or lemon as soon as it’s sliced to keep it as fresh as possible.

Even before being peeled our wraps and bags will help extend the life of any fruit and vegetables making them a perfect partner on your trip to the shops or market

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