Getting the right mix of ingredients for homemade wax wraps can be a nightmare (it took us 4 months of testing to get it right!) But with this little kit you get it right first time and every time.

Eco crafting loveliness

For busy crafty eco fingers this is an absolute must have. Easy instructions make this a fun, creative craft with a fabulous eco twist and the wonderful wraps you create will keep your food fresh for at least a year. Choose from lots of beautiful prints all in 100% Organic Cotton and the cute little wax bars of our unique wax blend will give you the perfect wrap every time.

Full instructions are included in the reusable, postage box it arrives in, designed specifically so you can use the box time and time again. The whole lot is fully home compostable so when box and wraps have had a good life, everything can be safely and naturally return to the earth and absolutely nothing is wasted. Woohoo!

This lovely kit Includes:

3 x Organic cotton fabric squares, 25x25cm with pinked edges.

3 x Unique recipe waxing bars made from: ethically sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil and natural tree resin.

2 x sheets of unbleached parchment paper.

You will also need an iron, ironing board and old tea towel to complete your wraps.

How to make your Beeswax Wraps

  1. Protect your ironing board with an old tea towel and wear old clothes or an apron – wax can get very messy, then turn your iron to high with the steam function off.

  2. Place your fabric square in the centre of the parchment paper making sure there is a gap on all sides.

  3. Now place a wax bar in the centre of your fabric and the other parchment sheet on top, sandwiching the fabric and wax bar in between.

  4. Using your iron and a little pressure begin to melt the bar and using your iron to spread it around your wrap. Gently work away like this for a few minutes – keep your iron moving slowly so you don’t burn the fabric or the wax.

  5. Gradually spread the wax as evenly as possible all over the wrap making sure the edges are covered.

  6. When all the wrap is covered in wax make one final pass over the entire wrap.

  7. Peel back the top layer of parchment, place on one side to use again and immediately. Lift the wrap by the corners (be careful! it will be hot) and peel away from the backing parchment

  8. Waft in the air for 10-15 seconds until the wax dries. Wait a further 10 minutes for the wax to set fully and you have a wax wrap all ready to use.

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