Put simply, art can make you feel better, but art that focuses on the natural world can make you feel even better.

I saw this lovely quote the other day and thought how perfect it was for our print designs. In the early days of founding GoodToBee it became an all-consuming passion to protect and heal the planet with the materials we choose as well as our business practises. After researching the devastation caused by conventional cotton, I had made the commitment to only ever using Organic cotton and I found some beautiful designs that began our GoodToBee journey.

However, a few months later a comment from a dear friend who had seen some of my artwork made me think that I should design the prints myself. My connection to nature has always been strong and I feel far more at home in a forest than I do in a building. Painting and crafting had always been a way for me to connect to nature, trying to capture the colours, shapes, textures, the play of light through the fronds of fresh ferns or the brazen pop of colour from the rings of a red onion!

I decided the collection of prints would take its inspiration from the natural world around us, from food, from light and inspire a connection to home and family and memories.

Let me tell you about some of our collections.

Bark and Weave was inspired by a family picnic in the woods – the green stripes are the shapes of the oak branches as I gazed through them at the blue sky beyond.  The delicate mineral blue came from a tiny mound of moss, all the greens and blues of the pallet as the dappled light moved across them and the blue ticking weave is the old threadbare picnic blanket that has been my companion on family days out for many years.

The delicate China Bowl collection connects me to my family history and memories of my Grandmother. The blue flowers echo those that surrounded a china bowl on her kitchen dresser and the memory of gathering tiny yellow daisies with her to make daisy chains. We would fill the bowl to overflowing and the smell of the wet grass would fill my senses.

Confetti!  who can resist multi-coloured polka dots! I had a polka dot party dress when I was 5 that I absolutely loved. The red dots made me think of juicy tomatoes and the green dots of sweet little peas in a pod. Happy memories of parties, family, food and fun – confetti just makes me smile.

I love that our collections each have their own personality and story. They are more than just prints they are stories and memories and feelings. They are my connection to family and food and nature.

It’s an absolute pleasure to share these prints with you and I really hope they bring a smile to your face and maybe bring back a memory or two of your own family stories.

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