Our wraps protect and preserve the life of food, Reducing home food waste organically without the use of chemicals or plastic.

Good for the planet, good for your food and good for you too.

We all know our world is in trouble and we also know what to do about it. But with busy lives and constant demands it’s difficult to know where our energies are best spent.

My love of food and family gave us a simple first step. By using food wraps we can cut out single use plastic, reduce our food waste and fill our homes with beautiful timeless designs. Replacing a product that none of us really liked anyway with one that is simply a joy to use.

Of course there are plenty of environmental reasons why our beeswax wraps are MUCH better to use than plastic, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Our wraps create a natural environment just like fruit and veg skin and peel. A waxy layer where gases can evaporate and moisture is trapped allowing your food to stay crisp and fresh and at the same time juicy and nutritious, prolonging its lifespan and deliciousness!

Our wraps are handmade from soft organic cotton infused with ethically sourced bees and organic plant wax. Damar tree resin from sustainably managed forests and organic jojoba oil. Creating beautiful food wraps that are a joy to use.

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